Rugs At Home
Rugs At Home

We Are Ready to Style Your Beautiful Home

Moji and his son Michael make a discerning team, selecting and custom creating the world’s best hand made practical works of art for real homes.


Please take full advantage of our superior interior design advice and customer service. An in-home viewing may be arranged. We would love to help you create just the right individual look for your home.

To be sure we are ready to help you please make an appointment. Especially recommended if you are considering larger rugs

Discuss Your Styles and Needs with us. We will prepare a selection of Rugs to bring to your home for a private viewing.
A good idea is to start by taking a number of good photos of your room at different times of the day and from different angles.
Another good idea is to include views to adjacent rooms to give a good idea of the general colour scheme of your home. You can send them to us by mobile phone.

We can visit you at your home with a selection of rugs to suit your style

List of suburbs we service